Rocco Scarcella - July 10, 2016

Dangerous Success

Judges: God\'s People, God\'s Promise

Judges 8:22-9:57 (2) Zealous idolatry breeds celebrity failures (8:22-35) (3) Celebrity failures gather mercenary followers with itchy ears (9:1-6) (4) God's warning: unwillingness to repent brings destruction (9:7-21) (5) Rebellion breeds more rebellion (9:22-49) (6) God keeps His promises and repays wickedness (9:50-57) (7) Conclusions: Four Key Principles (a) The sins of men often have lasting consequences (b) Bad men are judged by a good God (c) Be careful about choosing leaders from among sinful men (d) How am I like Gideon/Abimelech?

From Series: "Judges: God's People, God's Promise"

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