Pastor’s Word: March 2018

Sonlife Communications Pastor's Word

Dear Sonlife Church,

Earlier in the year, I had the wonderful privilege of sharing with you the vision for this year: to go BEYOND. What do I mean by ‘beyond’? I want us to be a church where we are not just thinking about ourselves and what is happening within the four walls of Sonlife Church… I want us to go beyond ourselves, as we serve, lead and love those who belong to this church and those who are yet to join us!

This vision from God is such so timely! I have a strong conviction that 2018 is a milestone year where God will see our church grow to become an influential and significant part of our community. As we prepare ourselves to move into our new building (Oxford St, Leederville) in mid-year, I know we will have even more opportunities to go beyond ourselves.

So here are 5 practical things we can do to help us go beyond:

  • Beyond on Sunday: During the Sunday service, take the initiative to get to know someone new in our church. As our church community continues to grow we need to work harder to meet people, otherwise we will lose our closeness as a community. Invite someone new out to lunch immediately after the service. Add them on Facebook! Remember their first name, and sit next to them the following weekend.
  • Beyond in service: As you serve Christ and his people at Sonlife, ask yourself the question, “How can you go beyond in service?” It could be coming earlier to help another ministry. It could be a new idea for growth within your ministry. Or maybe it is just saying “I am going to serve in 2018”!
  • Beyond our family: Family is important at Sonlife, but may our family never become an idol. We need to ask God for wisdom on how we can use our family to bring glory to God. That means you could do ministry with your family. Invite your neighbours to your place and get to know them. God may use your family to bring them the gospel message!
  • Beyond our giving: Praise God our church is such a generous church. Our giving has continued to grow over the years, and I always thank God for the spirit of generosity here. At Sonlife, we see that a tithe (10%) is not the ceiling of giving but the floor! May we all continue to grow in our generosity and giving.
  • Beyond in worship: At Sonlife Church, one of our core values is passionate worship of Jesus Christ. One way we worship Jesus is through corporate singing on Sunday mornings. This is such a joyful time as we reflect on his worth and respond in song. May our singing be one of passion and expression… Let’s go beyond in worship!

Much love,
Pastor Binh