Pastor’s Word: August 2018

Sonlife Communications Pastor's Word

Dear Sonlife Church,

Recently I was invited to attend a breakfast gathering with a small group of church leaders in our city. The guest speaker was Hillsong Church’s Head Teaching Pastor Robert Fergusson. For those who know him, Robert is a gifted Biblical teacher and has spent the past twenty years at Hillsong teaching and training upcoming communicators of the Gospel. Receiving the invitation to have a session with Robert was such an honouring experience. There were only around 15 others in the room, sharing what God has been doing in our midst and listening to Robert’s exposition of Luke 10. It was such a great morning of encouragement!

Now, let me rewind… A few hours before the breakfast gathering, I was nervous! Yes, I was nervous for this occasion. I knew that there would be other leaders there and I had heard lots about Robert Fergusson! I was like a 12 year old girl who had received a backstage pass to see Justin Bieber! I made sure that I prepared myself well, in case I was asked, “What is happening at Sonlife Church?” I made sure that I was dressed appropriately for the occasion, and that I knew the location so that I would not arrive late, with plenty of extra time to find a parking spot and walking to the function room.

Why am I sharing this with you? I want to encourage us all to come to our Sunday celebration services prepared! Prepared to worship of Lord for He is so worthy! Be prepared to serve others, even if we are not rostered on any ministry that weekend. We can serve by smiling at people, asking them “How was you week?”, tell them we are glad to see them… Encourage the Sonlifers who are serving. Coming early would honour the Sonlife Kids Team as we sign our children in on time. Coming early would encourage the Worship Team as they play in front of a full house. Coming early also creates a lively atmosphere for our visitors, because visitors usually come to the service early! Finally, coming early encourages my family and I, as we serve you at Sonlife Church.

May God remind us all to prepare ourselves as we come before him each weekend.

Much love,
Pastor Binh