Oxford Street Building Update: June

Sonlife Communications Building update

With just a few weeks until we move into the new building, it’s “all hands on deck” getting everything ready! Sonlifers have been hard at work at numerous Busy Bees, helping with painting, cleaning and moving furniture and materials around.

Last weekend, we had some of the Young Adult, Family and Seniors Connect Groups come in to do their part. Here’s a taste of what it’s like working with a team:

Many other CGs will be coming down in the next few weeks… even the youth are pitching in! There are also many opportunities each week to help at one of our scheduled Busy Bees. So why don’t you join us? Whatever your age, whatever your skill-level, there’s something you can do!

Please refer to the Events page for the list of Busy Bee dates, and RSVP before coming so we can plan appropriate tasks.