Giveway: A new way to give

Sonlife Communications News

Sonlife Church has an amazing new system to facilitate event registration and payments. This online service, called Giveway*, adds capabilities that make it more convenient for visitors, members and volunteers to participate in church activities.

Here are some examples of how Giveway is being used at Sonlife:

1.    Events: Men’s Supa Golf

The upcoming men’s event is being run as a ‘campaign’ in Giveway, providing automated online registration and payment. It allows event planners to easily see who has registered and paid, reducing paperwork, manual payments, and the need for follow up. This is a more efficient process that will free up volunteers to focus on building relationships rather than administration.

Find out more about the Men’s Supa Golf event, and register on Giveway.

2.    Building Fund

The Building Fund page for 338 Oxford St, Leederville, is another example of a campaign. In this case, it is not event-based, and does not require registration.

Please see our previous blog post for an update of the building works, and contribute via Giveway if you can.

3.    iGive: Tithes and offerings

There is also a regular iGive page for tithes and offerings. Unlike the campaigns, this is a permanent feature, and will remain after the others have expired.

If you love Sonlife Church and wish to partner with us to reach the local community, please support us through iGive.

Note: Sonlife does not solicit funds from the public, and we believe that giving is a free act of obedience, thankfulness and generosity by those who call us home. Visitors are welcome to enjoy our services and ministries with no obligations. Learn more about giving at Sonlife.

How it works

Giveway allows for online payments via credit card, which Sonlife has not been able to do before. It also accepts direct debit contributions to our Baptist Financial Services account. Registration for events is built into the payment module. These features make it easier for Sonlifers to contribute and participate in the church.

Payments through National Australia Bank will continue alongside Giveway, for those with existing direct debit arrangements. Sonlifers are free to choose whichever methods they prefer.

Please go to Sonlife’s Giveway page to learn more about this online service.

*Giveway is an initiative of Baptist Financial Services.