Finding your community: Connect Groups 2019

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We are extremely excited to be given this opportunity to lead the Connect Groups ministry at Sonlife.

Olivia and I have been a part of a Connect Group of some kind for most of the 35 years we have been Christians meeting regularly for fellowship with other believers. To this day, we still keep in touch with each former CG members, despite being countries apart. We have found that groups like these help us to stay connected with people in the church, and to be accountable to one another. This helps us to grow closer to God, and frankly, I can’t imagine how different our walk with God would be had we chosen not to be involved in such groups.

In life, we all need a rhythm, and most of us have found our own individual rhythms of life. But there are few important things to maintain in what we term as a Sonlifers’ rhythm: regular Sunday worship, weekly CG meetings, serving the Lord according to our calling. It will not be easy to be part of a Connect Group. In fact, it will be costly for everyone! Why? Because it will cost your precious time. When you feel like it is too much effort, remember the purpose of CGs and press in – it is all worth it!

In 2019, Connect Groups are being restructured as follows:

  • We will be meeting for 8 consecutive weeks, followed by a 4-week break. These meetings will start from the second week of the school term, giving parents space to settle into the term’s routine. As we will follow the school term, Connect Groups will only run during 4 periods in a year.
  • There are groups meeting from Wednesdays to Saturdays at various time slots, with diverse membership such as men’s, women’s, below 40s, families, couples, mum’s with kids, new believer’s etc. So there is a CG for everyone!
  • As smaller group sizes will help Sonlifers connect with each other better, we will be limiting the size of each group to a maximum of 10 members.


We are currently having our Connect Expo, where you can talk to Connect Leaders and learn more about the various CGs. Find your community, so that we can be accountable to one another and grow closer to God together. Connect Groups will begin meeting the week of Feb 11, so register now before the groups fill up!

Alan & Olivia Ong
Connect Directors