Binh Nguyen
Senior Pastor
Ken Li
Church Business Manager
Shereen Sidhu
Admin Support
Alan Ong
Admin Support
Timothy Wood
Pastoral Intern (Kids & Youth)
Long Nguyen
Pastoral Intern (Young Adults)
Samantha Phillips
Finance Officer

Church Elders

The Council of Elders functions to oversee the growth of the Church in its entirety. The roles of an Elder are to pray, study the Word of God, lead the vision of the Church, care for the members of the Church, teach the Word of God, train and develop other leaders and live lives that are exemplary.

Binh Nguyen
Pastor Binh is the founding pastor and the primary preacher at Sonlife Church. Prior to being a church minister he worked as a high school teacher within the city of Perth. He is a gifted Bible teacher whose sense of humour and practical style of preaching has touched the lives of many in this city and beyond.
Benny Ho
Pastor Benny is the Senior Pastor of Faith Community Church and has seen a lifetime of ministry work, including mission work with World Vision, Bible school planting in Asia, and over twenty years in various pastoral roles in local churches. He founded Arrows College as a teaching and resource ministry to the Body of Christ, and is the Apostolic Leader of D-Net Churches, a network that carries his desire to see churches strengthened to become intentional disciple-making cell churches.
Cheng Lai Lim
Pastor Cheng Lai has been serving in church ministry for over 50 years. He is the Executive Pastor at Faith Community Church and is responsible for day to day operations and ministry support. He lends his wisdom as a member of the Local and International Advisory Council and his leadership remains at the heart of Faith Community Church’s vision and direction. He is excited about raising new generations of church and ministry leaders through Bible college education.
Mike Keating
Pastor Mike Keating is the Senior Pastor of Champion Lakes Christian Church. For more than 30 years he has been serving God wherever he’s been sent. This has given him influence, not just in the Church but also Australian politics and, in fact, in ministries all over the world. Some of his spheres of influence include Harvest West Bible College, Teen Challenge, Australian Christian Churches, Australian Christians and Family First WA.
Simon Yung
Simon works for an IT consultancy firm. He has been actively serving in different capacities and ministries at church over the years and is currently finishing off his theological studies through Vose Seminary. Simon feels very privileged and humbled to be able to work and journey alongside Ps Binh and the other elders/pastors over the past three years.

Executive leadership team

The day-to-day running, financial and property affairs shall be governed and operated by the Executive Leadership Team upon consultation with the Council of Elders, who shall provide spiritual and scriptural directions and guidance.

L to R: Ken Li, James Seow, Claire Overhue, Binh Nguyen, Alan Ong and Reid Ballantine