Pastor’s Word: Febuary 2019

Sonlife Communications Pastor's Word

Dear Church!

The other day as I was reading Acts 10, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the traits of a healthy follower of Christ. In this chapter, we are introduced to a centurion from the Italian Regiment named Cornelius. He was a God-fearing man who:

  • Gave generously (verse 2)
  • Prayed regularly (verse 2)
  • Was respected by many (verse 22).

As I was reading, these 3 traits kept coming to mind. I was reminded how it can be difficult at times to be generous, prayerful and respectful. I realised that if I were to do life by myself and had no community around me, I could easily become a Christian without these traits. If I didn’t have people surrounding me, how would anyone know whether I was praying regularly, or giving generously, or living above reproach? That is why we place a strong emphasis on finding a community to belong to. We want everyone to be part of a community where people are keeping us accountable and encouraging us to live worthy of the Gospel.

My prayer for everyone in 2019 is for us to find a place to belong, and to grow in the Lord for his glory and the goodness of others.

Much love,
Pastor Binh