Church Parking at Oxford Street

This September we will move into our new church building. Yes, we are moving into our own building!
In preparation for the move to 338 Oxford Street, the Executive Leadership Team has carefully laid out a car parking management plan to help us with the transition. Please take time to look at the plan. Your support and cooperation is highly appreciated. Let’s be a blessing and not a burden to our new community!

• DROP-OFF ZONE (black) – on Franklin Street along the church building

• VISITORS ZONE (Green) – on Franklin Street opposite the church building

• SPECIAL NEEDS (Purple) – parents with prams, the elderly etc. to park on Franklin Street

• SENIOR ZONE (Blue) – on Shakespeare Street

• ADULT ZONE (White) – on Oxford Street

• YOUNG ADULT ZONE (Yellow) – on Marian Street

Please DO NOT park along the streets in front of residential dwellings and near St Mary’s Catholic Church. These areas are clearly marked with NO PARKING (red crosses) on the map.